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Introducing EASYSTOCK

Fully Automated and Accurate Replenishment

  • TCH has developed an accurate, flexible, fully automatic inventory replenishment system capable of routine replacement of parts with virtually no procurement costs per transaction. EASYSTOCKreduces inventory levels while eliminating stock-outs, requires minimal training, and benefits straight to your bottom line. EASYSTOCK can be set-up to order from your other vendors at the same time, and always using your parts numbers.


Introducing EASYSTOCK

Step 1: Assess Stock

Bins are placed on stock shelves filled with parts to be stored. Once front bins are emptied they are moved backward for avaliable stock. Empty bins are then scanned and flipped over to indicate inventory.


Step 2: Scanner Data Recieved

The scanner, tablet, or cellphone is connected to the Wifi, and once the bins have been scanned the operator sends the order for new parts.


Step 3: TCH Recieves Scan and Prepares Your Order

The scan is recieved at TCH and a recipt is sent to you via email.


Step 4: Product Is Automatically Sent

Packing slips are generated and the goods leave the TCH warehouse.


• Bar-coded inventory bins using a Kan-Ban system


• Bar-code reader – wireless, automatic and error-free


• TCH’s engine collates your order automatically


• Timely and accurate delivery.



• Multiple scanners, multiple locations


• Bin specific routing, order quantities


• Third party suppliers integrated


• Implemented for TCH customers for 12 years!