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We offer a full range of packaging and cutting solutions from simple foam inserts to complex designs executed by our array of machinery. Our foam solutions will protect items in the most demanding shipping conditions. We’re capable of cutting an extensive list of materials! Visit our Materials page to learn more.

Laminate Panels

TCH is renowned for providing the highest quality custom foam packaging solutions. We understand that secure and safe packaging can be crucial to the success of your business, no matter its size. We work closely with our clients to ensure that each custom foam fabrication product meets their exact specifications and all of their unique needs. TCH makes complex solutions simple by combining cutting edge technology, innovative products and competitive custom foam fabricator prices. Our team is dedicated to making the process painless, enjoyable and convenient - no one should have to choose between a quality product and convenience. At TCH we focus on formulating successful partnerships with our clients to create long-term solutions that ultimately improve future order cycles, boost productivity and reduce costs. Learn more about our custom cut foam packaging and other custom foam services. Contact TCH today to learn more about foam packaging in Canada and the USA.

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Quick Turn-around

TCH is dedicated to provided fast and excellent service. We make sure that our lead times are short so you can quickly get what you need!



Our Waterjet and CNC Router allow for precise cutting of all materials.

Any Material

Any Material

We can cut any material you need! Get in contact with us to learn more or request a quote.

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