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Acoustic Foam

1/4" thick Acoustic Charcoal Foam
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Reticulated filter/acoustic foam is an open-cell, porous, lightweight material made from polyurethane. It is characterized by its interconnected network of skeletal strands, which provides efficient filtration, high airflow, and excellent mechanical strength. Commonly used in air and water filtration systems, this versatile foam can also be found in aquatic filters, speaker grilles, outdoor furniture, and automotive applications. Its durability, chemical resistance, and ability to be easily cleaned or replaced make it a popular choice for various industries. Reticulated filter foam is available in different pore sizes and densities, allowing customization based on specific needs.


If manufacturers are looking for superior acoustic foam sheets, then TCH is the supplier they should rely on. With years of experience and a dedication to quality, TCH takes great pride in providing top notch acoustics foam solutions with our foam sheets. Because our inventory of polyurethane acoustic foam is made with evenly distributed production grade metal particles, they can be used for both air and water filtering for air intakes, electronic cabinets, extractor units, HVAC systems and more. Another benefit of using TCH as a supplier for convoluted acoustic foam is our commitment to customer service; this means that when something needs adjusting or replacing, it can be done quickly and with no hassle or fuss. When looking for acoustic foam in Canada and the USA contact TCH today.