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Access Hardware

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 Keep Your Space Safe in Style

With businesses opening again, they will be faced with new difficulties surrounding COVID-19. In order to aid business owners in providing a safe environment for both employees and consumers, TCH now offers PVC and Polycarbonate partitions. With these panels, business operations can continue safely while maintaining proper social distancing.  

PVC and Polycarbonate...
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Our Design Process

Here at TCH we pride ourselves on our ability to provide custom solutions. We provide concept development services based on your specific requirements, such as, new product development, adapting existing products, and incorporating new features. We implement many Design Thinking methodologies to ensure we provide top quality designs and customer satisfaction. There are the 5...
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Southco’s R2 and R5 PanelFastening Draw Latches pull together and connect large panels, enabling quick assembly of structures. Combining quick operation, exceptional strength and concealed mounting, R2 and R5 Panel Fastening Draw Latches provide a proven solution for joining panels, and securely closing doors. With less than one full turn of a wrench, panels can be securely joined, or disassembled...
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Simplify Environmental Certification with UL Recognized Access Hardware

Enclosure manufacturers face many challenges when certifying their end product to meet environmental compliance. By using UL Recognized hardware, enclosure manufacturers may be able to avoid those challenges by using latches, fasteners and hinges that meet the same environmental rating as the enclosure itself.

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Captive 316SS (A4) Studs provide a strong, flush-head assembly in steel material as thin as .040 in. 
(1 mm).

The studs are made of 316 series (A4) stainless steel and provide superior corrosion resistance. For many applications the studs can also be installed in stainless panels with a standard shop press and provide high torque-out and pushout performance in materials with a Rockwell Hardness of...
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Southco’s EM-05 Electronic Slide Bolt series delivers enhanced access control to applications that require concealed, controlled and secure access. The EM-05 Electronic Slide Bolt series provides the convenience of electronic access and push-to-close operation in a single unit. Its versatility, ease of installation and space saving design enable an easy transition from mechanical to electronic...
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Fast. Safe. Turning cables inside out! The KDS-FB cable entry system for flat cables provides you with outstanding versatility and saves you time while managing cables, especially for forklifts, crane systems and elevator applications. The "fish skin" on the seals mechanically surround the inserted flat cable; they ensure optimum tolerance compensation and IP66 protection.


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The E5 series provides flexibility in grip adjustment to overcome door tolerance inconsistency and permanent gasket setting. For applications with door gasketing which have a tendency to set permanently under a prolonged compressed state, the flexible grip adjustment provided by the E5 corrects this issue by allowing the grip to be readjusted to provide optimal door closing or gasket sealing. The...
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Southco's AC-EM-05 Electro-Mechanical Actuator

The AC-EM 05 Electronic Actuator can be easily paired with Southco’s R4-05 Micro Rotary Latch series or any other comparable mechanism to provide electronic access control in limited space applications.

Southco has expanded its line of electronic access solutions with a compact electronic actuator that simplifies the upgrade from mechanical to...

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    Wedge Clip


The Wedge Clip, paired with any HellermannTyton heavy duty cable tie, routes cables along a frame or rail in vertical or horizontal applications. A robust design and durable materials make it ideal for extreme-duty applications. The integrated wedge mechanism slides along a stepped grade until snug against the mounting...
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