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Polyester Polyurethane

Polyurethane Foam Sample

Material Details

Polyurethane foams are incredibly versatile. Polyurethane foam is characterized by its light weight, resilience, low odor, and high resistance to mildew. Polyurethane ester foam is an open-cell foam with excellent memory and very soft compression characteristics. It is used in many applications to provide protection, support, comfort, and safety. Polyester-based polyurethane is slightly more rigid and supportive than ether-based polyurethane. This is due to smaller cells being created during the forming process. The smaller cells have less surface area to bend and flex than ether. This produces a foam great for shock absorption with a supportive structure, and is a great way to protect items in transit.


Applications include automotive seating, display and cushion packaging, gaskets, retail items, medical, and protective packaging.

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1  thick 1.5lb Ester Foam - Long Sheet
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1/2 thick 1.5lb Ester Foam
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