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About Italtronic

Italtronic is considered a world leader and specialist in the design, development and production of wall mounting and DIN rail plastic enclosures. 

The recent product developments have integrated the offer of new enclosures for appliances in the Home and Building Automation and for the market of the Embedded boards. The constant research of high qualitative standards goes through the use of selected and certified raw materials as well as advanced technologies. The long time experience places the company always at the forefront of the market.


Italtronic enclosures are customizable

The Finishing Service Center is specialized in CNC machinings and aesthetic processings. Feasibility analysis, definition and validation of the best technical solution and production of “your” enclosure.  

  • CNC Machining for custom holes
  • Product printing and marking
  • Custom molding  

Discover the new 15M Modulbox XTS from Italtronic

TCH has partnered with Italtronic and a client to custom develop the largest plastic enclosure, compliant with DIN 43880 regulations, available on the market.

new 15M Modulbox XTS from Italtronic

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