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To compliment our flight case line of business, we would like to introduce a Powered Monitor Lift Columnthat can support TVs and monitors up to 135lbs . The industrial grade construction is coupled with integrated dampening to minimize rattling and ensure a secure fit to a monitor screen size up to 65". A unique feature is that the column's height can be adjusted through a powered wired hand...
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Original 1976 Canada Cup

One of our customers has created two cases for the Hockey Hall of Fame. The Clarence Campbell Bowl is a National Hockey league trophy and was awarded to the Western Conference champions during the NHL playoffs! It is constructed of Sterling Silver and was crafted in 1878. It is currently held by the San Jose Sharks. The original Canada Cup was awarded to the North America...
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Rotate lids and doors 270-degrees with our Double-knuckle hinge

  • Ideal for Mixer Console/Doghouse, Rack cases

  • Allows for lids/doors to rotate 270°

  • Eliminates the need to rivet/weld 2 single leaf hinges together

  • Heavy-Duty hinge

  • 48" long

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Everyone celebrates summer in different ways.

A photo posted by Gato (@brokebutrichoverland) on

 Great Gatsby Author, F Scott Fitzgerald wrote: "And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that...
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We caught up recently with Squatchy Adventures who happens to be one our customers and one of our favorite explorers on instagram. They shared a bit of their history  with the outdoors (and cool pics of course) with us.

"The first big trip I took wasn't overland but was overwater. My grandfather had a homemade 30-foot steel hull riverboat named the grey ghost. It's a nickname he got from his...

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Guitar players come in all shapes and sizes but they all can (in some form or fashion) fall into a few recognizable categories. gave it go and compiled a list of 11 unofficial guitarchetypes (we came up with that term). 

We liked it so much we chose four of favourite types and turned it into an infographic. Take a look and let us know if you see yourself in any of these profiles.

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Do you know which famous artists were born in your home state or even who's the most famous of the artists born there? 

Iconic artists hail from all over. From small towns to the Big Apple, chances aren't that slim that you grew up a stone's throw from a household name.

PrettyFamousranked artists by popularity and then by the state they were born in using their own measurement called "Musician...
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1.  List on Google My Business (formerly Google Places), Bing Places and Yahoo Local 

Listing on these directory sites can improve your website search ranking and the good news is, visitors looking for music equipment on local listings are more likely ready to purchase. Overall, listing your business online increases visibility which in turn increases website traffic and awareness which increases...
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