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Electronic Component Applications.

Our connections with key vendors makes TCH the place to shop for your electro-mechanical component needs. Speak with our Sales team today to learn more.

electronic component applications

About our products.

We work with a large network of vendors to offer a broad range of electro-mechanical components. Our components are often sourced for use within IOT Controls, Building System Management, Security, Healthcare, Aviation, HVAC, Telecommunications, Data communications, and more. We're working hard to make our electro-mechanical products available online. In the meantime, please contact our Sales or Customer Service representatives to place an order or inquire about a specific product.

Woman using card to electronically access physical security
Doctor using CAE Air ventilator with mannequin laying on gurney in the back
Aviation and rocket manufacturer
Room with wall of electronic access cabinets

TCH Exclusive Vendors


We are North America's exclusive distributor for Italtronic. Italtronic manufacturers enclosures for electrical installations, DIN Rail, alarm devices and sensors, embedded systems, and display devices.

CBI Electric

CBI Electric solutions include products such as Miniature Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breakers, wiring accessories and specialized application Circuit Breakers. CBI supplies products to sectors such as Residential Utilities, Commercial developers, Industrial and mining and general power distribution applications.

Adels Contact

Adels Contact offers a wide product range of LED connectors, building installation connectors, luminaire connectors, screw terminal blocks, over IP protected connection solutions and electrical appliance connectors to transformer connectors and PCB terminal blocks.


Dinkle’s products are used in many industrial sectors such as Factory Automation, Process Automation, Power Automation, Railway transportation, New Energy and Equipment Manufacturing. Dinkle terminal blocks can be easily found in these industrial sectors.