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Dinkle Barrier Terminal Blocks

Barrier Terminal Blocks are most commonly used for power supply, industrial control, products related to information technology, and home appliances.

Flat Base Model

DT-29 / 39 / 49 series are PCB type for barrier style terminal blocks.

They are available with different pitches such as 6.35mm, 7.62mm, 8.25mm, 8.89mm, 9.50mm, 10.00mm, and 11.00mm. The major materials for the housing are PA6.6 at UL94V-0 and PBT at UL94V-0. The housing structure contains dual barrier and tri-barrier designs.

The series is designed in compliance with the international standards IEC60998 and UL1059. Most of the series are certified by UL and VDE.The barrier style terminal blocks are wildly utilized by the territories of power control, industrial control, information products, and home appliances, etc.

Flat Base Model With Cover

DT-2, DT-4, and DT-7 are PCB type of barrier style terminal block (with / without transparent cover).

These series provide different options on pitches such as 7.62mm, 8.89mm, 9.50mm, 10.00mm, 13.00mm, and 16.00mm etc. The material of housing is PBT rated at UL94-V0.

The housing structure includes parallel-barrier and tri-barrier. The transparent cover is optional to prevent the operators from contacting the exposed screw that would protect the operators from getting electric shock.

The series are designed according to the international standards IEC60998 and UL1059. Most products of the series is certified by CSA and FIMKO and recognized by UL.

Bi-Level Flat Base Model

2D / 4D series are Bi-level barrier style terminal block. These product are available for pitch 7.62mm, 9.52mm, 11.00mm, the main material of the housing is PBT UL94V-0 with triple barrier structure.

This BI-level design provides more intensive and convenient wiring to have economical application on space and effective on cost. The product design fulfill international standard of IEC60998, UL1059 and most of them are already with UL, VDE certificate.

The barrier style terminal block is extensively apply in field of product like power / industrial control, IC product and consumer electronics.

Panel Through Model

0032 series are feed-through barrier style terminal blocks. They are available with different pin spacing such as 13.00mm, 16.00mm.

The major material for the housing is PBT at UL94V-0. The structure is the two-barrier structure. Most of the series are certified by UL and VDE.

Relay Model

The 0132 series is the panel design barrier style terminal block with the pitch in 8mm, 12.5mm, 25.5mm, 27mm, 36mm, 47mm and 60mm.

The main housing material is PBT with 15% GF and UL94V-0 level. The structure of the housings will be 2-barrier and 3-barrier for different function. The design matches the IEC60998 and UL1059 international standard.

Most of our designs with UL. Recognition and VDE approval.The barrier style designs apply mostly to the Power application, industrial control, IT business and home appliances.