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Case Hardware.

Our 40 years of experience & expertise with ATA & Flight Case Hardware shows. Speak with our Sales team today.

TCH is the number one place to shop for case hardware. Don't believe us? Here's why:

  • Choose from a diverse & comprehensive inventory.
  • Consult with our staff to tackle project challenges & find solutions.
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Beige military case with case hardware (handles and latches)
About our products.

TCH carries all of the case hardware you need. We have a wide selection of hardware available online and are also capable of sourcing product to fulfill your project needs.


Our case hardware products are excellent for those building ATA/Flight cases, Road Cases, Work Boxes, Transportation Crates, and Music Cases. Quality is one of our top priorities, making our hardware an excellent choice for those who rely on their cases for keeping goods in safe condition. Our customers choose TCH hardware to serve clients in Aerospace, Automotive, Military & Defense, Music & Entertainment, and Transportation industries.

Military person opening black case holding weapons
Close up of latch on a blue case
Multiple black and blue flight cases
Silver flight case
We can help

There are many aspects to take into consideration when building a case such as laminate thickness, the method of case construction, type of extrusion and the level of protection your case will need.


Our Sales and Customer Service teams can help you if you need guidance when choosing the hardware for your project.

Diagram of exploded flight case identifying each case hardware component