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Live Chat Now Available

  • 1 min read

It's been a couple months since we've relaunched TCHweb, but we hope to continue to keep adding helpful features! 

gif of live chat feature


We've recently added a live chat option, as seen in the bottom right corner. Our staff will be online and available to help from 9-6pm EST. Whether you require shipping information, bulk order requests, or just want to learn more - click the icon to start a chat. Don't worry if you require assistance outside of these hours, you can still send a message or email and someone will get back to you.

Automated Chats

Live Chat Now Available

Another feature of our chat function are automated bots. With this function you will be able to inquire about your order(s), product information and shipping locations. The best part? These bots will be able to help 24/7. Once you start a chat, choose one of these options and follow the prompts. It's quick, easy, and always available. Try it out for yourself!