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Diced Foam

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What is diced foam?

Diced or Cubed foam inserts are manufactured and pre-scored for full customization and protection of your product.

When you receive diced foam, you can pull out cubes to fit your item with ease. TCH accommodates most sizes for diced foam, to compensate for the size, amount, or weight of product.

A layer of flat foam is placed below the diced foam, supporting your product once the foam has been pulled. Depending on the height of your product, you may require a thicker or thinner slab of foam. Diced foam is a better option for low quantity orders, uncomplicated product, and personal customization.

To get the best results, we recommend scoring your product on the foam prior to pulling. Having an accurate shape of your product marked will make pulling much easier and offer more protection. To make pulling even easier, you may pre-cut the perimeter of the cubes.

diced foam


Quick Tip: If an item lies in the middle of a cubed row, pull out the row closest to the item to ensure a tight fit. If it is too tight a fit, pull another row.


diced foam
TCH Hardware Foam Diced Cubed Block - 2-3/8 x 11-3/4 x 11-3/4in

Pulling the foam is as simple as pinching the sides or corners of one cube and pulling it out. You will notice the foam is slightly attached to the pieces beside it, so it is best to use a light hand when pulling from the side as to not pull unwanted cubes. To save time, you can pull multiple cubes at once.


Quick Tip: If you pull out larger sections of foam at once, they can be reused for smaller objects.


Always test that your object will fit and make adjustments as you go. If you pull unwanted cubes you can simply add them back so long as you do not lose them when the object is removed. For a secure replacement, you can use a light adhesive to secure the cube back.


Quick Tip: If you are looking to transport a fragile objects that requires high protection, you may consider customized foam.


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