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5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System

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At TCH, we're always striving to find ways to improve and grow our products and services. Our 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System with dynamic taper adjustment joined our machinery arsenal six years ago. It features a 5-axis head skilled in cutting, beveling, and tapering up to 45° vertically for various materials. Because of this, our customers have endless possibilities when deciding on shape, profile, volume, and materials. Waterjet cutting is a fantastic option for getting intricate projects done quickly and cost-effectively.

abrasive waterjet cutting foam

What is a Waterjet?

A waterjet is an industrial tool/machine that utilizes an extremely high-pressure jet of water to cut foam, wood, metal, and more! There are two types of waterjets, pure waterjet (water only) and abrasive waterjet. The latter uses a mix of water and granular abrasives instead of solely water. The specs and size of waterjets widely vary depending on the application and industry.

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System -TCH

A waterjet system consists of 3 parts: the table, pump, and controller. The table holds the material and provides a place for cutting. The pump provides high-pressurized water to cut the material. The controller is the systems operation for controlling motion, positioning, and overall use of the machines.

TCH Waterjet Cutting System

The abrasive waterjet allows us to cut unlimited possibilities of shapes and forms with foam and other materials such as metals, plastics, sponge, glass, stone, and ceramic. It stars a high precision 0.005" beam of water faster than the speed of sound. The 5-axis head is ideal for case inserts and angled profiles due to its ability to cut, bevel, and taper. The paper-thin beam can cut intricate parts with a high-density nesting, maximizing sheet usage.

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System

We also have a water-only waterjet with a high-speed 3-axis router, a large bed machine capable of handling most sheet materials. The router is built with a 7-station tool changer and automatic measuring system that minimizes setup and processing time. Material is easily held in place without fixture and framing using an 18HP vacuum. The 12HP spindle drive can handle large diameter tool bits reducing the tool paths and overall machine time.

water only waterjet

Choose TCH

  • High precision 3 & 5 axis cutting
  • Ability to cut a wide variety of foam densities, rubber gaskets, and metals
  • Overall cutting size 6' x 12' x 6.5" high
  • Able to cut tapers and bevels with ease
  • No tooling required, reducing lead-time for parts
  • Quickly make changes to parts

TCH uses water-only cutting to provide foam packaging inserts and abrasive waterjet cutting for metal and other challenging materials, allowing us to produce one-off samples and production runs. Contact us today for your project needs.