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The Importance of Equipment Ergonomics in the Medical Sector

  • 2 min read

By Peter Vowell

Ergonomics has also become a key concern in the medical sector. AJohn Hopkins study in 2016 rated medical errors as the number three cause of death throughout the United States. Some of these fatalities are unavoidable due to the inherent risk of certain medical procedures. Others however are caused by physical stress put upon the nurses and doctors via poor tool design.Moving patients manually is a key point of unnecessary bodily stress for medical professionals. Hospital wheelchairs often have grips with un-intuitive shapes made from poor-quality materials. By choosing a solid form-fitting grip for the hand, healthcare workers gain more stability and leverage, making transportation safer for both the patient and the nurse.

Along the same lines, ergonomic surgery chairs can go a long way towards making things better for both the patient and the surgeon. The surgeon needs the ability to make precise movements in the patient's posture in order to accurately and safely perform an operation. These types of minimal movements require a great deal of control, made possible by handles and levers specifically engineered for the task.

The ergonomics of the surgery tools themselves also comes into play. There have been recent advances in the technology used for the grips of microforceps and microscissors. These developments allow doctors to have a better feel and understanding of how much pressure they are applying and how secure their grip is, ensuring increased patient safety.The science and engineering involved with ergonomics stretches far beyond the comforts of a white-collar office job. Certain companies, such asBoteco, have dedicated themselves to the task of providing quality ergonomic handles and grips for use across a variety of industries. The industrial sector utilizes ergonomic handles and tools to increase worker comfort and ultimate lifespan. In the medical realm, ergonomic surgery tools can have serious life-saving impacts for patients around the globe. Athletes in training rely on quality grips for comfort and injury prevention during gym workouts. Providers like Boteco play a critical role in making these industries a safer and more efficient workspace for all.