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The Importance of Equipment Ergonomics in Athletics

  • 2 min read
By Peter Vowell
The athletic and workout sector provides its own set of unique challenges. While the “no pain, no gain” sentiment is still fairly prevalent in gym culture, it’s not something that should always be taken to heart. Proper weightlifting and training equipment with well-designed grips allows the equipment to be positioned correctly to suit each individual, thus reducing workout pain.
Workout machines aren’t designed solely for hands and shoulders - there need to be grips for the shins, thighs, feet, and neck. These body parts are often more variable in size and shape than the human hand, and as such equipment often needs to be adjustable while still remaining effortlessly functional. Finding the right balance between padding, grip, and shape is key to helping prevent athlete injury.
Athletic grips also have to account for the differences and changes in hand and body shape that occur during a workout. As you exercise a specific body part, muscles in the area contract and blood flow increases, causing a physical alteration. Well-designed athletic equipment account for these changes with versatile grip technology.The science and engineering involved with ergonomics stretches far beyond the comforts of a white-collar office job. Certain companies, such asBoteco, have dedicated themselves to the task of providing quality ergonomic handles and grips for use across a variety of industries. The industrial sector utilizes ergonomic handles and tools to increase worker comfort and ultimate lifespan. In the medical realm, ergonomic surgery tools can have serious life-saving impacts for patients around the globe. Athletes in training rely on quality grips for comfort and injury prevention during gym workouts. Providers like Boteco play a critical role in making these industries a safer and more efficient workspace for all.