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RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Patch Cords

  • 1 min read
CONEC has introduced patch cords in its product range that are manufactured with an Industrial Ethernet cord with a stranded wire cross-section of AWG22. Low losses are realized it allows for long transmission distances. 

In industrial environments, the ProfiNet cord with PUR insulation can be used. With all RJ45 connectors, the cable shield is connected through the internal strain relied to the connector housing to ensure a continuous shielding. PUR overmould of RJ45 offers kink protection and additional strain relief. 

Patch cords with color-coated RJ45 are available on request. This allows for easy differentiation and organization in complex wiring environments. 

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.  Benefits:

  • Cat 5e overmoulded version
  • Large strand cross-section AWG22
  • Different colors for easy differentiation and assignment of different connections

    Fields of application:

  • Automation technology
  • Industrial interfaces
  • Communication technology
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Control engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless controller