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New Terminal Blocks from Dinkle

  • 4 min read

In this blog, we want to introduce new terminal blocks that Dinkle company offers:


0229 Wire to Wire / PCB Terminal Blocks

  • Dinkle Wire-to-Wire connectors offer a versatile and reliable solution for connecting wires across various applications, including automotive, communications, and data processing industries.
  • They support a wide range of currents from 8A to 76A, catering to signal and power transmission needs. Their compact design is ideal for high-density connections in limited spaces.
  • Additionally, these connectors feature an easy-latching flange design for a secure and user-friendly connection. They provide options for both PID and screw wiring types and comply with UL 1059 and IEC 61984 standards.


Barrier Connection / NEMA Terminal Blocks

  • Barrier Connection Terminal Blocks present a range of solutions for power transmission, with capacities ranging from 15A to 500A.
  • The DKB series ensures stable power transmission through a screw-type wiring structure.
  • In contrast, the DKU series features a unique stud terminal block design, where the screw nut is housed in the top cover and guided by a spring.
  • This design includes a nut pop-up mechanism that creates a ready-to-wire state, eliminating the need to loosen screws and ensuring a secure and time-saving fastening process.


0150 series / PCB Terminal Blocks

  • PCB pluggable terminal block is a dependable connector, particularly suited for servo driver applications.
  • It is designed to meet the specific needs of the servo control industry, with its ability to handle rated voltages and currents up to 600V / 20A.
  • The series features an innovative clamp lock flange directly under the housing, significantly reducing the connector's width.
  • This compact design saves space and simplifies plugging, ensuring fast and stable wiring connections.
  • The terminal block accommodates various wire types, including solid or stranded wires with ferrules, and is suitable for cables up to 12 AWG.
  • Its spring cage structure and push-in mechanism enhance ease of use. Additionally, the series offers an optional release tool, facilitating single-handed wiring operations and improving work efficiency.
  • The 0150 series is an excellent option for efficient and reliable wiring solutions in industrial machinery.

D-Thermo thermal transfer printer/ Din Rail Terminal Blocks

  • Replaceable Ink Ribbon with Observation Window: Users can monitor the ribbon usage through a convenient observation window. The newly designed system facilitates maintenance-free operation and allows the ink ribbon to be replaced quickly and effortlessly within seconds.
  • 6-Second Instant Printing: A simple start button press initiates printing, completing each card in only 6 seconds. This device is highly user-friendly and ready for immediate use.
  • Adjustable Angle Touch Panel: The touch panel is intuitive and straightforward, requiring no special skills. Its adjustable angle makes it suitable for various workstation setups.
  • Multilingual Color Touch Panel Display: The color touch panel display is a perfect addition to any PC setup, offering compatibility in 10 languages for global applications.


High efficiency modular/ Din Rail Terminal Blocks

  • This product features an innovative, compact design that aligns with the industrial standard for mounting foot structures. It is compatible with both TS-35 and G-type rail mounting systems.
  • It boasts a feed-through screw connection design complemented by a range of functional design options.
  • The terminal block is constructed with a robust wire cage design, offering a large surface area for wiring connections. This design ensures both vibration resistance and reliability.
  • Made from high-carbon steel, the wire cage provides exceptional torque for wiring, enhancing the connection's strength. The zinc-plated surface adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion.
  • Flexibility in power distribution Flexibility is achieved through top and side insertion bridges, allowing for customizable configurations.
  • Compliance with IEC 60947-7-1 and UL 1059 standards ensures that these terminal blocks meet international safety and quality requirements.


0220 High Power / NEMA Terminal Blocks

  • Designed for versatility, this product is ideal for the photovoltaic industry and can be installed in diverse environments, including mountainous areas, deserts, or offshore locations.
  • It features a rated voltage of 600V and offers two options for rated current: 115A and 150A. The pitch sizes are 17.4mm and 20.6mm, respectively, with heights of 48mm and 48.5mm.
  • The terminal block utilizes hex nuts to ensure secure and tight wiring connections.
  • It offers the flexibility of being assembled into various pole sizes to accommodate different installation needs.


0225 Series Push-in/ PCB Terminal Blocks

  • This product features dual rows for connecting conductors, accommodating a diameter of 1.5mm² and a height of 12mm.
  • It is available with pitches of 3.5mm, 5.00mm, and 5.08mm and is rated at 300V and 8A, making it well-suited for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • The terminal block incorporates a patented S-cage structure, ensuring reliable and rapid connections.
  • The insulation material used in this product adheres to the UL94-V0 standard, and the overall product design complies with UL1059 standards.
  • There is an option to choose from various locking flanges, providing enhanced interlocking strength for secure connections.


0150 Series Terminal Block for motion control devices/ PCB Terminal Blocks

  • This product introduces a new, streamlined clip design that enables quick and effortless plug-and-unplug connection.
  • It offers a choice of rated voltages, 300V and 600V, and rated currents, 16A and 20A. The available pitches are 5.08mm and 6.35mm.
  • The terminal block utilizes a patented "S-cage" structure, which effectively combines the advantages of a spring and wire cage, enhancing the reliability of wiring connections.
  • It is compatible with conductor sizes ranging from AWG 24 to AWG 12.
  • Its compact design, featuring a height of just 13.8mm, aids in conserving space.
  • This terminal block is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for a broad range of industrial applications.



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