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The picture was provided by Italtronic.

A modular switch box typically refers to a housing or enclosure that contains modular switches. In electrical switches for homes or offices, "modular" usually means that the switches are designed to be easily combined or customized in different configurations within the same box or plate.

At its core, a modular switch box, typically made of metal, serves as an enclosure that houses various electrical switches and their connected wires. Contemporary modular switch boxes have gained a significant edge over their traditional counterparts, mainly because of their durability, modern aesthetics, and versatility.

Instead of the older, bulkier designs, the newest iterations of modular switch boxes seamlessly blend with the ambiance of today's homes, offering both increased safety and affordability.
Here's a breakdown of the term:

  1. Modular: This suggests that the components (in this case, switches) can be individually chosen and combined based on requirements. For instance, depending on the user's needs, you might have a combination of light switches, fan regulators, and other control switches in a single switch box.
  2. Switch Box: This enclosure typically houses one or more switches. In homes and buildings, switch boxes are embedded into walls, allowing for switches, outlets, and sometimes other components to be mounted flush with the wall surface.

The main advantage of a modular switch box is flexibility. It allows users to customize switch combinations based on the needs of a particular room or area. For example, in a media room, you might combine light switches with switches for a projector or audio system. In a kitchen, you might connect light switches with outlets for appliances.
Modern modular switch boxes often come in sleek designs with various finish options, making them functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Since electricity became integral to our daily lives, the technology surrounding it has undergone significant transformations. We are no longer burdened by bulky, bimetallic components or sizable electrical switches requiring levers for operation. Today's 21st-century society embraces the advanced designs of modular switch boxes, integrating cutting-edge innovation into everyday routines. The past decade's research and innovation in modular switches and enclosures have made them some of the most sought-after and popular electrical commodities globally.



Here's a closer look at why modular switch boxes have seen a surge in popularity:

  • Safety Features - The indispensable role of electricity in our lives, powering essential gadgets and devices, also brings inherent risks, primarily if not correctly managed. Concerns range from potential electrocutions to electrical fires or device burnouts. Traditional switches and boxes often have exposed wires, making them a safety hazard. In contrast, modular switches and their enclosures prioritize user safety. Their design ensures no visible wiring or metallic parts, dramatically decreasing electrocution risks. Enhanced with features like LED indicators, they provide user-friendly operation. Modular switch boxes are made from robust materials and protect internal components from typical wear and tear.
  • Sophisticated and Functional Design- One of the standout features of modular switch boxes is their sleek and modern design. They come in various colors, finishes, and techniques, including color-blocked plates, glass plates, and custom-designed variants. Their aesthetic appeal perfectly aligns with the contemporary, minimalist interior design trends. Moreover, their ergonomic structure isn’t just about looks; it's about efficiency. These switch boxes are beautiful and challenging, with a protective finish shielding against blemishes and scratches and a durable interior built for longevity. LED indicators further enhance user experience and functionality.
  • Versatility - Renowned for their adaptability, modular switches excel in multi-functionality. Similarly, modular switch boxes aren't limited to just safety and aesthetics. They enable automation, signaling, and data transmission. Advanced models even offer integration with software or mobile applications, providing virtual control capabilities.



Italtronic's Variety of Modulbox Options:



Modulbox XTS DD

XTS DD (Double Deck), assemblable on DIN Rail guides (EN 60715), has been projected to offer a wide valuable surface on 3-4 PCBs that can be put inside through pins strip, suggested in the specifications.



Modulbox One

MODULBOX is a DIN (EN 60715) mounting enclosure (modules from 1 up to 9) for electronic products.



Modulbox XTS

MODULBOX is a DIN (EN 60715) mounting enclosure (modules from 1 up to 12) for electronic products.


Modulbox XT

The XT series is identical to the XTS series except for the shaping of the lower part of the enclosure, which snaps into the base. The two noticeable side wings enhance aesthetics and make the enclosure elegant and suitable for industrial system applications.


Modulbox Special

This enclosure can be fastened to the DIN (EN 60715) rail.


Modulbox XTS Compact

MODULBOX is a DIN (EN 60715) mounting enclosure (modules from 2 up to 12) for electronic products.


Modulbox XT PLC

MODULBOX XT PLC is a DIN (EN 60715) mounting enclosure (modules from 6 up to 12) for electronic products.



Modulbox Spacer

Plastic enclosure with DIN rail mounting, available in two widths, 4M (72mm) and 6M (107mm), depth of 90mm and total height of 120mm when used with MODULBOX COMPACT or 150mm when used with MODULBOX XTS.

It is designed to increase PCB capacity using MODULBOX XTS COMPACT series enclosures. Still, it is compatible with the entire MODULBOX XTS series if a transparent or removable front panel is also required.

The MODULBOX SPACER XTS, therefore, consists of an enclosure kit that can be either the MODULBOX COMPACT XTS or the MODULBOX XTS together with the respective SPACER, and both must be ordered.



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