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Manufacturer Highlight: Italtronic

  • 1 min read

Italtronic is an Italian based manufacturer known for their enclosures in the electronic industry, DIN rails, alarm devices and sensors, embedded systems, and display devices. Offering innovative solutions through constant research helps Italtronic hold their position at the forefront of the market. High qualitative standards go through the use of chosen and certified raw materials along with advanced technologies.

Product Lines

italtronic modulbox  Modulbox: DIN Rail mounting enclosures for electronic products.
italtronic railbox  Railbox: DIN Rail mounting enclosures for electronic boards.
italtronic incabox  Incabox: Panel mounting enclosures for electronic products.

italtronic thermo  Thermo: Enclosures for home and building automation, wall mounting.

italtronic guidebox  Guidebox: DIN Rail mounting enclosures with integrated terminals.
italtronic cbox  Cbox: Enclosure for home and building automation for wall-mounting electrical boxes.



Whether you're looking for a general-purpose enclosure, DIN rail enclosures, or accessories - Italtronic offers a comprehensive and customizable selection of enclosures. Their Finishing Service Center specializes in CNC machining and aesthetic processing. 

  • CNC Machining for custom holes
  • Product printing and marking
  • Custom molding

To request for information on Italtronic products, click here. You can also contact us by email at or call 800.465.6281.