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ITALTRONIC: Guarantees Another 15 Years!

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Italtronic guarantees for another 15 years the supply of all the components that are currently represented in Catalogue, thus achieving, for more dated codes, the 40-year life of the product.

We usually prefer to keep products without eliminating them and possibly reduce the availability to stock and slightly lengthening the delivery time without starting the phase-out of our codes.

However, even in case of phase out, we intend to maintain efficient the equipment for supplies informing you about any dead line.

I wish to inform you that shortly we will remove from our catalogue the whole series INCABOX EXTRA. This means that it will no longer available the stock for the normal picking but we will be available to provide it only on your requirements and then only on request.

We guarantee for the next 15 years the supply of the products of this line to all the customers that are currently buy it.

Article sourced from ITALTRONIC News
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