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Cooltron AC/DC Fans and Fan Accessories

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Summer is almost here and soon the scorching sun will get us all craving for cooling air. Unlike us, our electronic applications need cooling all year round! TCH is proud to add Cooltron’s AC/DC Fans and Fan Accessories to our current lineup of electronic components. At TCH, we are always aiming to be your one-stop shop for electronic components so that you can minimize your costs while maximizing efficiency.

Cooltron AC/DC Fans & Fan Accessories
Cooltron is a company that specializes in manufacturing axial fans and blowers, with the broadest range of AC/DC axial fans in the world.

- Manufactured by ISO certified factories
- 3 year warranty on all products
- 25% shorter lead time than the industrial average
- Knowledgeable TCH technical service team to assist you on your designs and projects
- Ample inventory stock and broadest selection

Cooltron Offers Variety to Tailor-Fit Your Application
Excellence series vs. Standard Series
The Excellence Series (ES) is for high end applications that require exceptional reliability such as medical instruments. Products in this series have superior lifespan and performance.
The Standard Series (SS) is used for general applications such as computers and cabinets. The SS series offers competitive pricing, offering the best quality and value.

cooltron fan
Cooltron Technology

Cooltron continuously innovates and creates premier technology in the electronics cooling fan market. Cooltron is the manufacturer of the smallest fan in the world along with other industry firsts.
Smallest Fan in the World
Cooltron AC/DC Fans and Accessories
15mm x 15mm – Smallest fans allowing for versatility in applications.

Patented Stator Outlet Blade (S.O.B.) Technology
Unique design of blade reduces vortex turbulence and streamlines axial quantity flow, thereby improving static head and efficiency of the motor. This technology is perfect for applications that require low noise and high performance.

Waterproof/Harsh Environment-Proof Fans
Cooltron AC/DC Fans and Fan Accessoriescooltron fan thumbnail
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Cooltron is excited to introduce waterproof fans that work well in harsh environmental applications such as dust, moisture and water exposure. Three IP rating options are available: IP 55 (protection against waterjet), IP44 (protection against splashes), IP43 (protection against water shower at temp up to 50C). They also pass the test of salt spray erosion (GR487), indicating the high standard of Cooltron’s quality.
How to Choose the Right Fan
The main purpose of a fan is to cool electronic components. The first and most important factor is to calculate how much heat dissipation is necessary in your application. With this factor we can then calculate the amount of airflow required (CFM) for the required heat dissipation.

Once CFM is calculated, other factors can now be considered such as the size available for your application, voltage, noise, bearing and fan performance. Multiple fans in series or parallel can also be considered to save space and increase airflow/pressure.

Product Range
Size: 15 – 254mm
Thickness: 6-89mm
Voltage: DC 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V
AC: 110V, 220V
Dual voltage
Ball, Sleeve , Hybrid
Wire lead/terminal
Auto restart protection
Locked rotor alarm
Speed sensor (tachometer)
Temperature controlled speed

Finger guard (wire/plastic)
Dust filter kit
Power cords (standard/daisy chain type)
Aluminum/stainless EMI/RFI filter

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