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CONEC: Reduce the cost of wiring with the Sensor Actor Line Y-Splitter

  • 1 min read

Sensor Actor Line Y-Splitter

"The CONEC product portfolio of passive distribution components has been expanded to include some new variants. In addition to the previously existing versions of Duo-splitter, i.e. T-splitter, a new Y-splitter line has been developed.

The basic tasks of such junction systems are to distribute or combine signals in a small space.Costs of wiring will be reduced and due to the pre-assembly connection faults can be excluded.For this purpose, the appropriate known circuits are available. (Special circuits upon request)"


  • Reduced installation costs
  • Space saving by compact design
  • Use in harsh environments due to IP67 protection class
  • High flexibility due to 3 cable outlets

Fields of application:

  • Drive technology
  • Automation
  • Housing and device connections
  • Industrial interfaces
  • Communication technology
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Assembly and production lines