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CONEC DT and Superseal Valve Connectors with Double Cable Outlet

  • 1 min read

These would mostly be used by those who require Y-distributors for distribution of signals and power. This allows the possibilities for making systems more compact and reduces installation space, for example in a DaisyChain application with multiple cascaded connectors.  

The double outlet version is offered with a PUR cable and strand cross-section of 0.75 mm² in 1 m length. It is currently implemented for the 2-, 4- and 6-pos. DT (socket and plug contact version), along with the 2- and 3- pos. socket contact version and the 3- and 4-pos. plug contact version Superseal. 

Upon request, various combinations are possible in addition to the standard open cable ends. Possibilities include simple Y-connecting cables with the same type of connectors or combinations with different connector types.

Another addition to the DT and Superseal series is the introduction of termination caps versions. Not only do termination caps protect unused connectors from contamination, it’s also possible to integrate resistors and short-circuit bridges into the end caps. The caps can also be captive by attaching a rope to the hole at the end. As standard, the caps are designed without contacts and additional circuit while meeting IP67 / IP69K protection class.

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