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San Francisco-based designer/musician creates unique guitars from old skateboards

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San Francisco-based industrial designer Nick Pourfard, founder of Prisma Guitars, creates one-of-a-kind guitars from old skateboards.Nick’s creations can incorporate from four to 44 skateboards per guitar and his handiwork "comes as fully skateboard bodies, semi-hollow designs or skate top with alder- or mahogany-backed configurations."Due to Nick's handmade process, each guitar's colors are unique. The successful 23-year-old entrepreneur was gracious enough to answer a few questions about his company, process and inspirations.TCH: How do you decide how many skateboards to use in each guitar?
Nick: It really depends on what I am trying to achieve aesthetically. I have done this so much now that I feel like I understand the material and how many boards to use.
TCH: How long does it take to complete one guitar?Nick: It takes about 2 weeks to build one guitar.TCH: Commissioned by anyone famous?Nick: I've built guitars for Steve Harris of Iron Maiden and professional skater Justin Figueroa.TCH: How long have you been doing this?Nick: I have been doing this for about 5 years now. Since I was 18.

San Francisco-based designer/musician creates unique guitars from old skateboards
TCH: Are you honing or experimenting widely with your process?Nick: I experiment all the time. I have found ways to speed things up and ways to achieve new color patterns. You have to keep experimenting to innovate and keep entertained.TCH: What inspired you to begin making guitars in this way?Nick: Curiosity mostly. I remember wanting to build a guitar that nobody had. This was my way of doing that.TCH: Where has this venture taken you that you least expected?Nick: I am going to NAMM this year and I am talking with people that I have been fans of for years. They are friends of mine now.TCH: Are you training others to assist you in making the guitars?Nick: I am training my shop-mate to help me out now and I have a guitar tech now.TCH: What is your vision for the company?Nick: I believe that this company can appeal to more than just a skater or guitar player. I think I can create content and product that people want to associate with. A culture that people want to be a part of.TCH: What is your background in terms of music, design?Nick: I have been playing guitar since I was 13 or so and I have just recently received my degree in Industrial Design and Business Marketing.TCH: Who are your musical, design influences?Nick: For design: Eames, Nakashima, George Nelson, Saul Bass, Mies van der Rohe, etc. Furniture and space design inspires me more than anything else. For music: Kourosh Yagmaie, Jimi Hendrix, Townes Van Zandt, and a bunch more