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Rack Products at TCH

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Rack Hardware Available at TCH
TCH has all components you need to build complete EIA Server Cabinets/Racks. From rack rails and shelves, to fasteners and cooling fans, visit TCH for a one-stop shop for all your EIA rack/cabinet needs.

All rack hardware products are in-stock and ready to ship within 24 hours from one of our 5 warehouses in North America
Watch our Youtube Video on EIA Cabinet Components:

Rack Panels
 EIA Cabinet Rack Panels
A wide variety of rack panels are available for your EIA cabinet needs. All our quality rack hardware is made of heavy duty steel (1.5mm/16ga) and fit standard rack widths.
Blank Rack Panel Pre-punched XLR Combination Jack Panel
1 Space Blank Rack Panel
2 Space Blank Rack Panel
3 Space Blank Rack Panel
4 Space Blank Rack Panel
Pre-punched XLR Combination Jack Panel
Pre-punched Neutrik Jack Panel 1 Space Horizontal Slot Vent Panel
Pre-punched Neutrik D Jack Panel
1 Space Horizontal Slot Vent Panel
2 Space Horizontal Slot Vent Panel
2 Space Horizontal Slot Vent Panel

Utility Shelves
Rack Shelves
Utility shelves are 7" height, 16" depth. They provide a quick and easy method for rack mounting equipment that cannot be mounted on a rack. They are one-piece construction for maximum strength and are black textured for scratch resistance.
Utility Shelves 506-9031900 - 1 Rack Space
506-9032900 - 2 Rack Space
506-9033900 - 3 Rack Space
506-9034900 - 4 Rack Space

Sliding Drawers
Sliding Drawers
TCH sliding drawers feature a fully enclosed top to prevent contents from spilling out. A flush mount spring loaded latch prevents unnecessary opening of the drawer. Lock and keys are included. Drawer extends to 14" for easy access.
Sliding Drawers 506-9052900 - 2 Rack Space
506-9053900 - 3 Rack Space
506-9054900 - 4 Rack Space
Sliding Drawers 506-9041900
Single Space Sliding Shelf/Drawer

Rack Rails
Rack Rails
TCH Rack Rails are made from heavy duty steel (2.5mm/12ga) steel. They are pre-tapped/punched with holes for easy mounting of equipment. They have a durable black textured, scratch resistant textured finish.
Full Hole Pre-Tapped Rack Rail
Full Hole Pre-Tapped Rack Rail
Combination Rack Rail 506-2248900
Combination Rack Rail

Rack Accessories
Rack Accessories
TCH carries all accessories needed to build EIA cabinets. There are a wide variety of accessories available including captive nuts, electronic cooling fans and access ports.
Captive Nut Heavy Duty Support Rack Rail
Captive Nut
Heavy Duty Support Rack Rail
Plastic Washer Low Noise Cooling Fan
Rack Rail Plastic Washers
Low Noise Cooling Fan
Fan Fingerguard Round Access Port
Fan Fingerguard
Round Access Port
Rectangular Access Door
Rectangular Access Door