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FS Vantage Hinge Flush Door/Lid System

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FS Vantage Hinge Flush Door Or Lid System

There's a lot of advantages over pocket door construction. Cases can be narrower/shorter so there's no need to accommodate the added door storage internally. It allows for quicker building speed since there's less components and labor, resulting in lower overall build costs.

The system works with 1/2" TCH Laminate. Doors open flat against the outside of the case body with no loose lids/doors.

FS Vantage Hinge Flush Door/Lid System
SKU Product

Flush Lid Extrusion

U-Cap Extrusion

FS Vantage Hinge

Slam Latch with Spacer


Notched 18 Flat GA Corner (recommended)

L-Shaped Bracket (optional)

555-CM12B1011B & 555-CMCMC214