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What Everybody ought to know about Different types of Industrial Hinges

  • 2 min read

Hinges are flexible or jointed pieces which are used in order to pivot or turn doors. The more often a door is being used, the more reliable a hinge should be since hinges are liable to break and sustain damage over time. Below are some common types of hinges that might be used in your application:

Side mounted hinges include take-apart hinges as well as stud, bolt-on, and hex drive bolt-on. 

This kind of hinge usually uses materials such as brass, chrome plated and nickel plated brass, zinc plated steel as well as die cast zinc alloy. The stronger the materials are, the longer these hinges last. The hinge rotation angles are 90, 110 as well as 180. The more malleable the hinge material is, the better the rotation.

Concealed hinges are usually made from stainless steel and include the bolt-on, nut fixing, as well as weld-on varieties. 

They are often the first choice of builders as well as marine applications because this type of hinge is very resistant to rust and corrosion. While it is not completely impervious, it will take some time before the hinges are rusted out, thus making it a far superior material compared to others. Watch out for pitting corrosion which normally starts at the center of the hinges, since this can cause in-line hinges or continuous hinges to break in the end.

Corner hinges can rotate 180 and come in assorted lengths. The body is normally made of die cast zinc alloy and the pins are made of thermoplastic or steel. Some stop hinges fall in this category.

Most common types of leaf hinges include butt hinges and strap hinges

Leaf hinges offer a rotation angle from between 180 and 270. The materials that are being used are die cast zinc alloy, stainless steel as well as polyamide. Some types are chrome or black powder coated.

Custom hinges can vary in terms of size and materials that are being used. Some HVAC hinges are used specifically for the HVAC industry and the number of hinges used in a certain product depends on where it is installed and how it will be used.

Industrial hinges overall are suited to hold huge, steel doors inside ships or factories. The industrial applications of these hinges are limitless, and new designs and types are being created everyday in order to meet different needs and industry standards. When selecting a hinge for your application, take into consideration the angle of rotation as well as the strength of each part.