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TCH: Sherex transitioning to RoHS compliant yellow coating

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Sherex transitioning to RoHS compliant yellow coating

This conversion from Cr6 yellow to Cr3 yellow will happen to all parts that are in the following Sherex rivet nut families: CAL, CAK, CAH, CAO*, CA**, CPB, CPN, CFH, CFHD, CLM, and CKM

"...Effective March 1st, 2015, Sherex will replace Yellow Hexavalent Chromate passivation (Cr6) with Yellow Trivalent Chromate passivation (Cr3). The transition from Hexavalent Cr6, “zinc yellow”, to RoHS-compliant coatings has been an ongoing process in our industry for the last 10 years.

For Sherex, the final step of this transition is the elimination of Cr6 as our standard finish for yellow color. We will replace the yellow hexavalent Cr6 with the yellow trivalent Cr3. While others in our industry have switched to a standard trivalent yellow, Sherex has worked tirelessly with our plating vendors to find a solution that meets our strict corrosion standards without incurring additional cost for our customers."

CPN Series
CAH Series
CFH Series