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Southco's R4-10 Direct Actuation Latch

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Southco’s R4-10 with Direct Actuation
Southco’s R4-10 with Direct Actuation 

Southco’s newest rotary latch can be triggered directly via push button or lever-style actuator, without the need for connected cable or rod. A rubber covered trigger alleviates potential noise between the latch and actuator during operation.

The R4-10 with Direct Actuation offers a simplified solution for access in applications where a short distance may exist between the rotary latch and actuator. The direct actuation design provides an additional benefit in that it allows the actuator and rotary latch to be mounted on different sides of the application.

With its compact design, Southco’s R4-10 with Direct Actuation occupies minimal space within the enclosure, providing concealed latching and increased security. Constructed of corrosion-resistant steel and stainless steel, these latches are available with an integrated bumper feature, and are well suited for a broad range of application environments across industries. Additionally, R4 Rotary Latches can be combined with Southco’s line of mechanical and electronic actuators and cables for a complete rotary latching system.

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