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Southco's New Series of Cam Latches Offers Adjustable Grip For Custom Fit

  • 3 min read
The E5 series provides flexibility in grip adjustment to overcome door tolerance inconsistency and permanent gasket setting. For applications with door gasketing which have a tendency to set permanently under a prolonged compressed state, the flexible grip adjustment provided by the E5 corrects this issue by allowing the grip to be readjusted to provide optimal door closing or gasket sealing. The ramp profile of the cam also acts as lead-in to assist door closing, and provides up to 1mm of compression. Tested to NEMA 4 and IP65 standards for water and dust protection, the E5 provides ingress protection and is suitable for use indoors and out.
With deep offset, standard offset, and straight (no offset) options, the latch covers a wide range of grip distances. The metal cam features a plastic cap that minimizes noise when making contact with the keeper, delivering robust, scratch-free engagement with frame and protecting decorated or coated finishes. Additionally, the E5 Cam Latch features the same panel hole prep as the standard series and is available with a separate latch and cam assembly to promote modular use.

With its customizable grip, our newest E5 Cam Latch meets the needs of multiple applications that require the same latch but with different grips, while the flexible design allows the fit to be customized to the specific needs of each application.

Key Points
  • Numerous head styles provide a wide range of access management security
  • Ramping action on rotating cam styles provides about 2 mm (.08") of compression on closing, while numerous offset options satisfy a wide range of grip dimensions
  • Push-to-close cam style rotates freely from the "closed" position as it contacts the frame or keeper; an integral spring pushes cam back into the engaged position once cam clears the keeper
  • Latched/unlatched status indicator provides user with quick visual confirmation of latch status
  • Low profile series offers sleek tapered head styles
  • Standard series offers more head styles, environmental sealing, and spring-loaded bodies for better grip tolerance and vibration resistance

Available Options

  • Latch actuation available with choice of clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation
  • Available with multiple options of manually actuated, tool-actuated, or keylocking designs
  • Push-to-close styles available for single point and two-point latching configurations
  • Most styles available in a variety of metallic, black and custom-color finishes
  • Low Profile Series offers optional O-rings/sealing washers to provide environmental sealing
  • Standard Series includes zinc alloy, stainless steel, and glass-filled nylon constructions
  • Shutter-style driver option prevents accidental opening and provides visual indication of unsecured latching
  • Friction cams available in 35 mm (1.38") or 45 mm (1.77") lengths; hook cams available to suit different frame configurations

Standards and Specifications

  • Maximum static working loads on rotating cams vary by latch style, up to a maximum of 670 N (150 lbs.)
  • Maximum static working load on push-to-close styles is 330 N (74 lbf)

Standard Series

  • Available in a variety of head styles – hand-actuated, tool-actuated, and keylocking
  • Available in multiple body material options – die-cast zinc, glass-filled nylon, and 304 and 316 stainless steel
  • Tool-operated versions are spring-loaded for grip tolerance and vibration resistance
  • Latch bodies fit door panels up to 6 mm (.24") thick, and numerous cam offsets satisfy a wide range of grip dimensions – from 4 mm (.16") to 42 mm (1.65")
  • Ergonomic wing knob features built-in pull, turns/opens with one continuous motion, adapts for multi-point latching
  • Padlocking wing knob styles available for left- or right-handed operation
  • Available in black, bright chrome, or stainless steel finishes

Low Profile Series

  • Low-profile, tapered styling creates a more favorable aesthetics
  • Available in 13 head styles for hand-actuated convenience and tool-actuated security
  • Combination of two body housings and numerous cam offsets satisfy a wide range of grip dimensions – from 2 mm (.08") to 44 mm (1.73")
  • Select housing style, drive stud head style, cam, and sealing options separately to satisfy specific configuration needs
  • Two housing styles satisfy door panels from 1 to 6 mm (.04 to .24") thick or from 1 to 14 mm (.04 to .55") thick
  • Assemblies can be shipped unassembled, or shipped assembled to simplify installation in applications where grip exceeds panel thickness by 4 mm (.16") amount
  • Available in black powder coated or textured chrome plate finish