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Southco New Quarter-Turn Fastener is 'Captivating'

  • 1 min read
Cockpit by Paul Hudson CC-BY-2.0
The DZUS® D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fastener is one of the first fully captive quarter-turn assemblies available on the market today, and offers limitless design possibilities for a broad range of industry applications where quick-access is necessary.

Designed with a flare-in stud assembly for quick access, The DZUS® D5 Panel Line Quarter-Turn Fastener eliminates the possibility of dropped or lost hardware components. The DZUS® D5 provides accurate, secure engagement and vibration resistance for demanding applications across industries.
The DZUS® D5 offers tool-restricted access with visual latched indication and is available in a variety of flare lengths to accommodate varying panel thickness ranges.
With simple installation and a high cycle life, these fasteners can be easily  integrated into applications across a variety of different industries, from Aerospace to Enterprise Hardware.

To learn more about our complete line of DZUS® Quarter-Turn Fasteners, submit an inquiry - contact a TCH sales representative.