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Southco: Customize Electronic Locks to your Application

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Despite the fact that steady growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a wide range of possibilities for electronic access to enclosures, traditional lock-and-key based devices are still very common. With such a wide choice of electronic access solutions to upgrade to, engineers need to consider a variety of factors when determining the best type of locks or latches for their applications.

According to Steve Spatig, Southco General Manager of Electronic Access Solutions, it's best to start by taking into account how your enclosure will most likely be accessed in your application. Electronic locks can customize access to enclosures, rooms and facilities based on a myriad of factors including users, time of day and the type of access that is desired once the lock or latch is open.

The simplest electronic locks are really electromagnets or solenoids and are quite limited when compared to say, motor-driven locks which, among many advantages, allow for more sophisticated access control overall such as LED signaling.

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