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New cable splitter from Southco provides flexibility of actuation points in rotary systems

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Southco, Inc., a global leader in engineered access solutions, has recently added a cable splitter accessory to its successful line of Rotary Latch solutions, which allows multiple connected rotary latches to be triggered from a single actuation point. The AC Cable Splitter features built in adjustability and timed release, allowing greater flexibility in the design and integration of rotary latch systems into applications where remote latching is required.Southco’s AC Cable Splitter provides flexibility of the actuation point, allowing two connected rotary latches to be activated by one actuator, or one rotary latch to be activated by two actuators. Additionally, the Cable Splitter provides timed release, allowing one connected rotary latch to be triggered before another, or both rotary latches to be released at the same time. This is useful in entry door applications, for example, where the end user would need to open both doors on opposite sides of the vehicle at the same time, in addition to accessing either door from one side.With its compact design, Southco’s AC Cable Splitter occupies minimal space within the enclosure. Constructed of corrosion-resistant plastic, with a protective cover, the AC Cable Splitter is well suited for a broad range of challenging application environments. The AC Cable Splitter can be combined with Southco’s line of mechanical and electronic actuators, rotary latches and jacketed cables for a complete rotary latching system.Global Product Manager Cindy Bart adds, “Southco’s AC Cable Splitter provides greater flexibility when designing and integrating rotary latch systems where remote latching is required. Timed release and built in adjustability make the AC Cable Splitter an ideal solution for challenging actuation points.”
AC Cables are available in various styles and options to suit a wide range of application requirements.

·        High-strength, corrosion-resistant construction

·        Suitable for use in both interior and exterior environments

·        Easy integration with Southco Rotary Latches and Actuators

·        Modular system for complete flexibility

Available Options

·        Available in seven different cable options and end fitting styles

·        Bare, coated and jacketed cable options

·        Cable splitter available for single or multi-point actuation and timed release

Industry Applications

·        Bus & Coach

·        Med & Heavy Truck

·        Medical Dispensing & Storage Equipment

·        Off-Highway (Construction, Farm Vehicles & Light, Lift, Gen)

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