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How to Safeguard Gates with Heavy-duty Gate Hinges

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People use the magic of hinges each and every day. They are found on most every door we open and close from our front door to our car doors. They act as both an anchor and an access point to enable the door to properly move. They work like joints to ensure the door remain stable during its operation. In decades past, gates were typically made from wood. However, with the advent of new, cheaper, stronger materials case are made from steel and vinyl. No matter the material, heavy gates require the use of heavy-duty gate hinges.

Choosing the right type of hinge for your gate manufacturing is vital to creating a long-lasting, properly functioning gate. Below are listed the various types of gate hinges:

  • Heavy-duty Gate Hinges
  • Security Gate Hinges
  • Heavy-Duty Farm Gate Hinges
  • Ball Bearings Gate Hinges
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Gate Hinges

Heavy-Duty Gate Hinges

These are used in both commercial and industrial applications. Made from carbon steel, they have a load bearing capacity from 1,000 to 40,000lbs. They are specially coated to handle harsh weather conditions and are tamper-proof. These are the most popular designed hinges available.

 Security Gate Hinges

These are widely used for industrial gates to secure company property. These are also tamper-proof and considered low maintenance. They are made with non-removable pins and from hardened alloy materials. They come with a high-bearing capacity and can even be tailored to customized specifications for leaf length and width. This makes the most adaptable of any of the hinges listed.

 Heavy-Duty Farm Gate Hinges

These can be found on barns and other farm structures. They are designed for optimal stability and ease of movement. They are made from corrosive resistant material and require no maintenance. Typically, these types of hinges are made from either carbon steel or stainless steel and can also be customized to support up to 1,000lbs.

Ball Bearings Gate Hinges

These hinges are fitted with greased bearings and designed for high use situations. They can support up to 3,000lbs and are typically found in residential, commercial, or industrial gate applications.

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Gate Hinges

These are also designed to be low maintenance hinges. They can support up to 25,000lbs and are constructed of stainless steel. They are also sealed to avoid the hinge being contaminated. They can be operated in harsh environments without worrying about losing functionality.

How to Determine Size of Gate Hinge

Unlike hardware hinges for cabinets, it is important to know the size and weight bearing need of your hinge. Reach out to TCH for guidance. We offer the best, high-quality hinges for all manufacturing applications including: chemical, construction, mining, and construction. Reach out to us to find out how we can help.