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Oupiin Offers Fine Pitch Board to Board Products

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Do You Know ...

Oupiin Offers Fine Pitch Products.

Oupiin America offers quite a few different styles of Fine Pitch, Board to Board Products, with such benefits as space savings, surface mount, secure mating and very small stacking heights. These high density products range in pitches from .4mm, .5mm to 1.0 mm.

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Our 2348 / 2349 are 1.00mm pitch, stacking heights from 8.0mm through 15.0mm. They are surface mount, with or without posts and are available on Tape and Reel with or without pad.
Now we have our 2317/2342 are .5mm pitch, combined stacking heights range from 4.0mm to 7.0mm.
Lastly, we have our 2319-A/2344-A are .4mm pitch,  These board to board connectors are also designed for space savings with a wide angled mating surface and have a mating height of 1.5mm.

Key Features;

    • Absorbing board misalignment
    • Withstands high-temperature SMT soldering processes
    • Shrouded plugs and receptacles
    • Cantilever-type gold contacts
    • High density design flexibility

These connectors can be found in a wide variety of industries such as Consumer, Communications, Mobile Devices, Routers, Switching and Networking Products.

Please keep an eye out for these products which are widely used. Our competitors are companies such as Molex;"Slim Stack", Samtec;"Micro Pitch" and Tyco;"Fine Pitch", "Fine Stack". Our products are readily available, priced really well and (I EVEN GAVE YOU THE MATING PAIRS ), Richard will be so happy? Have a great day and happy hunting!
Molex, Samtec and Tyco ® are registered trademark's of Molex, Samtec and Tyco and it's affiliates.
Tim Roberts

Originally posted by Tim at Oupiin America

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