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Now you can view wires using new wire termination contacts from Mill-Max

  • 1 min read

View wires and promote plating coverage inside wire termination holes

Mill-Max increased its number of wire termination options with 5 new components: three wire crimp and  two solder cup receptacles.

Accomodated wires between 22 and 26 AWG with the new crimp receptacles which mate with .025" (,63mm) - .40" (1,02mm) range.  The solder cup receptacles "provide solutions for solder terminations of disparate uses. The 9177 is ideal for high current, rugged applications handling currents in the 15 amp range while the 4485 can be used on pin-to-pin spacing down to 2 mm."

 Three of the five parts have inspection holes to accommodate wire viewing and to promote plating coverage inside the wire termination holes. Please see Tables 1 & 2 below for details.