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Mill-Max, Zero profile receptacle

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New Receptacle from Mill-Max Offers Zero Profile and Bottom Entry

millmax receptacle

Mill-Max announced a new option in their receptacle line-up with a new receptacle that offers flush mount PCB assembly and bottom entry capability.

Introducing the 0531-0-15-15-31-27-10-0 receptacle
Zero profile
Solderless press-fit
Overall length: .068" (1,73mm)

When pressed in, 0531 sits flush with the PCB surface to achieve the lowest possible component height above board.

0531 has a hexagonal head designed to be press-fit into a .045" (1,14mm) ø plated through-hole. The open bottom design allows for mating pin entry from either end. The minimum mating pin length for bottom entry is .045" (1,14mm); for top entry insertion the minimum length is .054" (1,37mm). This dual entry feature allows for flexibility in component placement and assembly of boards and modules.


Pin receptacles can be used in any printed circuit, front panel, board edge or elevated height applications, offering both reliable electrical interconnections and provisions for future field device upgradeability.


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